FAQ – Dog Walking

Question 1: How can I schedule a walk, or pet waste removal?

It really easy, go to the iOS store and search for Wize Pawz. Then, download our app and create an account. After, you will be able to schedule your service.

Question 2: What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24/7 365 days a week.

Question 3: How do you enter the premises?

When you sign up for your service, you will be asked premises questions. For our pet waste service we ask questions about how to enter your backyard. For our dog walkers we require all customers have a key lockbox outside of their door. If you do not have one we can provide one to you. Then, security instructions aren’t shown to a walker till 30 minutes before the time of appointment and only if they are near your address of service. We take security very seriously!

Question 4: Are your walks private or group walks?

Currently, we only offer private walks for each pet owner. Additionally if your home has more than one dog we will be default walk the dogs together. If you would like us to walk the dogs separately please tell us in the notes section when scheduling your walk.

Question 5: Do you have any breed restrictions?

Nope. We believe a dog behavior is reflective of how they are trained.

Question 6: Do you work with puppies?

Given that our walks are private walks, absolutely! Just mention additional information in the notes. We got you covered!

Question 7: Do you do meet and greets?

Yes we do. You can schedule one by calling our office and its free of charge. We only request that 48 hours to schedule the visit.

Question 8: How many days ahead can you book?

You can schedule your walk or pet waste removal up to a year in advanced.

Question 9: Will I have the same walker or pet waste cleaner every time?

If you are booking on a regular basis, we will assign someone to your account.  If you are bookings are more spread out we will try and keep the same person but we cannot guarantee it.

Question 10: Can I change the service notes?

Yes, you can change the service anytime you want – as long as the walk hasn’t started. Our service is real time so walker gets the updated walk notes.

Question 11: Can you do recurring walks?

Yes, when picking the time select recurring walks and pick the days when you want the walk. We will handle all the charges based on the days you pick and provide you with the total. You can cancel any individual booking.

Question 12: How can I sign up for the service?

Please visit the iOS app store and download the Wize Pawz app. After you will be able to sign up for the service and schedule your walk.

FAQ – Pet Waste Removal

Question 1: How often can I have my yard cleaned

We offer a weekly, by-weekly, or monthly service. However if you would like your yard cleaned up at a different interval please call our office.

Question 2: Do you clean yards throughout the year

Yes, we work all year round. Your dog doesn’t stop pooping so we don’t stop working.

Question 3: Do I need to sign a contract to have my yard cleaned

No, there is no need for a contract. You can cancel our service at any time – just give us 24 hours notice of your usual service day.

Question 4: How do you guarantee satisfaction?

We ensure your satisfaction by re-visiting your property within 24 hours if you let us know you’re not happy that we’ve removed all of your dog’s waste.  You must notify us within 24 hours of your last service so that we can assess the situation properly. The only caveat to our guarantee is if the yard is full of leaves or the grass is very long – from a practical perspective if we can’t see the dog waste, we cannot remove it in it’s entirety.  This also applies to snow and ice – we cannot remove dog waste encased in ice even though it may be visible. Therefore when the snow/ice melts we will clean it up at the first opportunity.

Question 5: Should I unlock my gate?

We will need access to your yard if you are not at home. During the sign up process inside of the app just let us know how you would like us to enter the property.

Question 6: Can you work with my dog(s) in the yard?

Yes, we love dogs and love being around them. We like to meet you and your dog on our first visit so that everyone’s introduced and we are welcomed into your yard in the future. However, if your dog is likely to stop us getting onto your property, they will have to be confined while we clean up the yard, as we will have to charge for a visit if we haven’t been able to gain access because of your dog.

Question 7: What do you do with the dog waste?

We don’t believe in leaving the dog waste in your garbage. We take the waste with us in biodegradable plastic bags and dispose of it in designated landfill. We think that this is the best solution for our customers and ensures you don’t have any issues with bad odors.

Question 8: How can I sign up for the service?

Please visit the iOS app store and download the Wize Pawz app. After you will be able to sign up for the service and schedule your walk.

FAQ – Dog Walkers

Question 1: How much does a Wize Pawz dog walker make per hour?

Dog walkers can earn an 80% commission for any walk they accept plus bonuses and tips. Extra pay is also added for bonuses, holiday walks and last-minute scheduling. If a walker accepts two 30-minute walks and both locations are close to each other than a walker can earn 35.20 cents for the hour. If the two homes have two dogs each then you would earn 35.20 + $3 bonus, and an additional $3 for a last-minute bookings. Then, once you have completed 100 walks you will be able to accept group walks and make around $96 an hour.

Question 2: How do I become a Wize Walker?

To become a dog walker Wize Pawz you must first fill out the online application and attach a resume to be considered. Once you pass the first stage, we will reach out and schedule a Skype or in-person interview. We will ask you questions about your work history, your goals, your availability, and test your knowledge about dogs. If you pass, we will reach out to your references and conduct a background check.

Question 3: Can dog walking become a career?

Dog Walking is what you make of it! It can something you do for an hour or two a day, help you pay for that study abroad trip of your dreams or be a full-time job. We are flexible to work with your schedule and personal goals in work, school, or life. Then, as open corporate positions become available, are walkers are the first ones we hire. Apply today to learn more.

Question 4: How big of an area would I be working in?

We design each dog walker’s route with them in mind. If you have a bike, we might set you up with a route that is a smaller geographic space but densely populated. If you have a car, it might be best to work in an area that has greater amounts of street parking but you’d most likely cover a larger area. The area and the dogs on your route are ultimately up to you.

Question 5: How many dogs would I be walking at the same time?

Wize Pawz has multiple options for customers. You will have the choice of walking one dog at a time or if you feel comfortable and are approved you can walk as many as four dogs at one time. Most of our clients only have one or two dogs. The clients that do have multiple dogs in a home are charged a slightly higher rate. Those additional funds are passed on to the walker in the form of a bonus. The clients that you are working with would be per your approval. You decide which clients you want to work with.

Question 6: Do dog walkers have shifts? What are the hours that I can expect to work?

Over 80% of our business takes place during the business day. Most of our dog walkers will receive request around 10am through 4pm, Monday through Friday. If you would like to make the extra money (off peak hour visits have additional financial incentives) it is your option. We do need you to be consistently available for about the same hours Monday through Friday.

Question 7: Do I need a bike or car to be a dog walker?

You can have a route that you walk to but we find that most walkers benefit from either a car or bike. Using the public transportation is slow but if you only have one or two clients then it can work. You are compensated not by time but by visits performed. Limiting your travel time between clients is the best way to stay on time with your schedule as well as making more money. Over the course of time, your route can become more compact which could enable you to start walking part or most of your day.

Question 8: How does compensation work?

Wize Pawz walkers are paid an average wage equivalent to $30 an hour plus bonuses and tips. All walkers are paid weekly via direct deposit. You are compensated based on the walks you performed that week. Walkers also have an opportunity to make extra money with client referrals.

Question 9: Do I need to find my own clients?

As a dog walker you get to have the fun part of this business, walking dogs.  Wize Pawz will handle building up your route and finding your future clients.


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