Best Dogs For Runners

Best dogs for runners

It’s widely agreed that owning a dog can improve your fitness, because of the daily walks involved. But what if you are already a keen walker or runner and want a dog to keep you company when you’re training for the next race or running off a hard week at work?

Best dogs for walkers

Whether you hike, fell walk or go for regular camping trips, a dog that can keep up with you for hours is going to enjoy the experience as much as you. Labradors have a good reputation as family dogs, but they are also good fun for walkers too. They love water and are athletic as long as they are healthy. Keep them healthy by hiking with them from the start of your time together. Bernese Mountain Dogs also thrive on activity, although they prefer shorter hikes. They can easily carry a pack and will stay close to their owner without a leash. Australian Shepherds and Cattledogs love a good climb, while retrievers and spaniels are happy to walk a distance with their owners. Even smaller dogs such as Papillons, West Highland Terriers or corgis make good walking companions. Beagles love long walks, but need to be kept on a leash in unfamiliar territory to prevent them from running off after every interesting scent. Poodles adore a walk, the dirtier the better, and if some swimming is involved too, they’re perfectly happy.

Best dogs for runners

Huskies were bred as sled dogs, for their strength and endurance, so they are ideal companions for long, cold, trail runs. They will even carry your pack for you. On cold weather hikes they can pull your gear on a sled, just as they were meant to. Hungarian Vizslas also have endurance for long distance running but don’t like the cold. Their lean, wiry build make them great swimmers and they are happy to lope alongside their running buddy for hours. Similarly, the pointer breeds are happy to run and if they lose sight of their owner, are quite capable of finding their way back to them. Retrievers, as well as being happy to walk with their owner, can up the pace to a jog. This dog would make an ideal buddy for a first time jogger or run-walker. Weimaraners, on the other hand, are high speed, long distance runners who need to be physically and mentally stimulated. Dalmatians, originally bred as carriage dogs, prefer to trot, and would enjoy running with a seasoned jogger, as they can typically manage around 15-20 miles. Dedicated trail runners might prefer the challenge of trying to exhaust a border collie, however.

Whether walking or running, owning a dog will do wonders for your fitness. It will also blow away the cobwebs if you have a desk-based job and leave you and your dog feeling mentally and physically refreshed and ready for any challenge.



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